Monday, April 1, 2013

St John the Baptist Lutheran Church in Kärdla

Visited March 27, 2013

On my second day out on Hiiumaa, I got a chance to visit St John the Baptist Lutheran Church in Kärdla.

Built in 1863, this is a simple stone church built on the site of a previous wooden chapel for the people who worked in the nearby textile mill (run by the Unger-Stenberg family, whose relatives I might be descended from) with money raised by the workers themselves. The wooden tower was added in 1929. I couldn't get inside, but apparently the altar painting ”Christ on the Cross” dates from 1889.

Outside, there is a new monument to those deported during Soviet times. Monday was the 64th anniversary of the deportations, where as many as 20,000 Estonians were deported over the course of four days, and candle-lighting services were held throughout the country, including here on the island at this new memorial.

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