Friday, September 7, 2012

Alexander’s Lutheran Church in Narva

Visited June 9, 2012

The Embassy sponsors a Soap Box Derby each year in Narva, in the northeast part of the country. The area's population is mostly Russian speaking, and in fact, only the Narva River separates Russia from Estonia there.  But our Soap Box Derby there brings together Estonians and Russians from across the country for a day of fun.

While I was there this year, I went to see Alexander’s Lutheran Church, which built in 1884 and was damaged by the Soviets in World War II. Because it is the largest church building in Estonia, it was hard to get a picture from the ground. But I did get this nice shot from the tower in Narva Castle.

The Soviets used the church as a warehouse, but restoration work there is really bringing back the church's beauty. You can tell the original from the restored parts on the inside.

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